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Fiona, Newborn session

Our very first thank you card from our newborn customers and their little love.

Thank you once again for the opportunity of serving them to capture beautiful moments together.

We had met professionals of different walks of life over decade in this business. We are very thankful to meet an appropriate professional whom could diagnose and potentially fix Aunty geral’s nasal symptom for many years.

Marian, Newborn sessions for 1st and 2nd born, cake smash session for 1st born

Have been engaging ChicChug for our little ones’ photo shoots and no regrets at all!!

We first went with them for my eldest’s newborn photoshoot. Geraldine and Wayne were like a dream team ! They were really professional, easy to talk with and really nice people ◡̈ . Geraldine was really expert at handling my son , we were surprised she was able to calm him down very well and kept him comfy throughout the shoot even when changing outfits and all. Also like it that this was a two man show instead of other Photographers where it was usually only one photographer. With two you get two perspectives and double the hands which made the shoot even faster I also like how patient both of them were even though my son needed to have milk in between during the shoot. They were never once rushing us and took it slow according to our pace.

Not to mention that their packages are really Value for money as well ! If you compare with the market rates what they offer for their shoots are really worth it.

Lastly I really like their style of photos and the fact that both how Geraldine and Wayne can make us feel really comfortable in front of the camera. I highly recommend them if you are looking for good photography for your little ones .

In fact we went back to them so far for our son’s 1 y o and also subsequently our daughter’s newborn shoot too.

Thank you Geraldine and Wayne once again for capturing all these beautiful moments for us, you couldn’t have done it better !! For this, we are grateful!!!

And their live broadcast review

Haze, Newborn session

En and I are so glad with the entire experience and outcome of the photo session for baby Charlie. It was exactly what we imagined. They were so gentle and patient with baby girl and the shoot went so smoothly Geraldine and Wayne are very experienced they understood our liking and style from the outfit we have chosen prior to the shoot. I'll highly recommend their services to all mommies out there;) ChicChug Creations - newborn, baby and family photography follow them for more pictures;)

Weiting, Newborn session

Both Wayne & Geraldine is very friendly, and best of all is their patience, especially there a almost 3yrs old toddler that wasn’t that cooperative, Thankyou for having so much patience with us, and of course making my newborn so comfortable throughout the whole session.

Audrey, Newborn session

Yesterday was our ever 1st newborn photo session. It was a blast! I had a good time looking at my baby and the photo session which really made my day, I was happy, and so is daddy+nanny.

Geraldine and Wayne was gentle and professional in handling our little 14 day old and he did not made a fuss. The adults had good time interacting during the session too. Baby and us were at ease.

We had gotten some sneak preview of the shoots from yesterday, and can't wait for the rest!

Cheryl, Newborn Twins session

Super love the photos taken by Geraldine & Wayne from ChicChug! You can see how they love their job from the way they handled my newborns during the shoot. Besides being delicate and patient, they also communicated well with the parents, making us enjoy every aspect of the shoot. The couple are very easy going people and the entire session feels very family-like instead of commercialised compared to other companies. That’s why I will recommend them, and have done so to my circle of friends!

Felice, Newborn sessions and one year old milestone session for 1st born and 2nd born

Loved the photography style by ChicChug. Got to meet Wayne and Geraldine in 2019 for my firstborn newborn shoot. Really love the photos captured by them and how they handle my newborn. They are very gentle, patient, creative and humorous. Ever since, i have also engaged them for my firstborn’s 1 year old photoshoot in 2020. And this year, we engaged them again for my second born newborn shoot. They are definitely my number 1 choice to go to for babies photoshoot The pictures will tell a thousand words.

Jie Rui and Eleanor, Newborn session

I was introduced to Chicchug by a friend to photograph and capture my newborn's precious moments, and boy are we impressed by their professionalism in handling the baby, giving time in between poses to feed baby, taming him down, and being so ever patient. They have a good eye for details and were able to put together the props to fit the type of aesthetics that we were looking for eg: minimalistic feel. They were also accommodating and allowed me to use my grand piano as one of the props for the shoot. All in all, we will not hesitate to recommend Chicchug to anyone looking for NB photographers, we were absolutely blown away with the end results. Thank you!

Melissa, Newborn session and one year old milestone (cake smash) session

We want to thank Geraldine and Wayne for the great photo of my bb. Both of them were very patient with bb and made him feel comfortable . Love the way they handle my bb and comfort him for the shoot / pose. The photo have come out really well and lovely . I would highly recommend them and no regret ..

Carol, Newborn session for 1st born, 100 days session for 2nd born, one year old milestone session for both of her babies and purchased photoshoot gifts for close friends

They are very experience in handling newborn, family photoshoots. very fun and engaging. i have been engaging them since my 1st born in Year 2018 till now. my 2 daughters love them.

Lastly ,they are very passionate on what they do!

thank you wayne and geraldine in doing such a great job.

Aaron, Newborn session and one year old milestones session for1st born, Maternity session and newborn session for 2nd born

Engage them for my daughter 's newborn photoshoot.Very nice couples and simply love the way how they were during the session, will definitely will engage them again!

HweiminNewborn sessions for 1st born, 2nd born and purchased a newborn photoshoot gift for a close friend

Homely and great experience with ChicChug! Hassle free and great company! Both Wayne and Geraldine are Super patient and well verse in handling of our LO.

The photos are well taken and edited. Their price are also pretty competitive and value for money too!

Highly recommend them for newborn photoshoot!

JiahuiNewborn sessions for 1st born and 2nd born

Definitely recommend the new born photography! Wayne and Geraldine were absolutely patient and professional with my little one who did not cooperate well towards the end of the session. however, they were not the least bit fustrated but patiently calmed by little one down and took all the shots needed regardless of how long it took.

Geraldine also sent across the sneak peak very quickly and boy! I am so satisfied with the results!! The pictures were absolutely gorgeous! highly recommend Chig Chug creations!

Lucinda, Newborn session

I was looking for a newborn photoshoot photographer and came across ChicChug Creations. They promptly responded to my enquiry and provided all the necessary details I would require. There are plenty of costumes to choose from.
The team arrived on time on the day of the photoshoot and started preparing for the photoshoot. Geraldine and Wayne were very patient with my baby and handled him with great care. My baby was awake when the shoot started. Halfway through, we were able to soothe him to sleep and he remained relax and calm for the rest of the shoot.
The props and costumes were clean and in good condition. Geraldine and Wayne also sanitises their hands as and when needs throughout the session, to ensure hygiene during this sensitive time of Covid.
The pictures turned out very pretty.
We are glad that ChicChug has given us beautiful pictures and memories of our newborn for us to keep and reminisce for future.

Linda OosterveldMaternity and Newborn session

Never met such a kind, flexible and patient photographers as Wayne and Geral! We enjoyed the preggy shoot very much (which was not only a 'preggy' shoot, but also a family shoot) and although our baby was not the easiest in the newborn shoot, they made us enjoying it! And the photos were fantastic!

Ginny, newborn session

Engaged ChicChug for our newborn's first photoshoot and will definitely recommend their services! Very professional and has ultra patience - very important especially when it comes to newborn who fusses during the shoot. Geraldine is like a baby-whisperer - soothing our daughter during the entire shoot, and swaddling her like a pro! And of course, the photos turned out very well too!

Jin Ru, One year old milestones session

We want to thank Geraldine and Wayne for the awesome work. They make effort to bond with our baby before they start the photoshoot. They are very patient with our baby and us. We feel really comfortable with them for the whole photoshoot session. They guided us on how to pose. Apart from that, we really love the way they handle our baby and the way they try to get his attention during the photoshoot. During the bubble bath, they ensure we are ok with the water temperature before letting our baby in. During the session, our baby made a huge mess but they were ok and clear it up. We would highly recommend them to our family and friends.

Sivan, One year old milestones (cake smash) session

The owners Geraldine and Wayne were very welcoming to their studio. We engaged them for our daughter's 1 year old photoshoot along with the cake smash. They were fantastic with our daughter & provided lots of props to capture her attention for the camera. It's our first family photoshoot & we are glad we went ahead. The photos are beautiful! Highly recommended!

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