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about us


A simple old way of making a shutter sound when our parents improvised a camera shape with their fingers before they said "Chit-Chuck" inspired the name ChicChuG.


It has been along while since we last flipped through our old albums, only to realize all seemed to happen yesterday! Not too long ago we recalled were just a child, and suddenly, we survived through those examination years, had fun with best friends, and subsequently attended their weddings. Soon the topics revolved around kids. At this point in our life as we cross mid life, we pause and realise our parents have grown so old. Grandparents who saw us grown up have forgotten who we are sometimes.


We can't bring back time but can only bring back memories through these albums, the only time-stamp that reminds and refreshes moments we may have long forgotten!


We are a husband and wife duo contemporary photographer, highlights the importance of storytelling and emotion, and where there is a great importance placed on relationship. We called our self lifestyle photographers. This style is not only about how we use our technical skills but also freeze moments reflecting your personalities through our viewfinder.



Wayne & Geraldine



A husband and wife team that founded Chicchug Creations whom specialise in newborn photography, maternity photography, cake smash photography and baby/family photography. Chicchug Creations Photography is located in Gangsa Road, 670155 Singapore. Was featured on Singapore MediaCorp TV (Channel U and MeWatch) on Jan 2021.

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