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It has been along while since we last flipped through our old albums, only to realise all seemed to happen yesterday! Not too long ago we recalled were just a child, and suddenly, we survived through those examination years, had fun with best friends, and subsequently attended their weddings. Soon the topics revolved around kids. At this point in our life as we cross mid life, we pause and realise our parents have grown so old. Grandparents who saw us grown up have forgotten who we are sometimes.

So welcome to ChicChug Creations Photography! A husband and wife duo specialise in capturing the beauty of life’s most special moments through photographs. Our goal is to create a unique and timeless photo experience that will leave you with photos that you will cherish for years to come. Our name is inspired by the simple old way of making a shutter sound when our parents improvised a camera shape with their fingers before they said “Chit-Chuck”. Let us help you capture the memories of your special day at ChicChug Creations Photography.

At ChicChug Creations Photography, just a duo experienced photographers solely specialise in Newborn Photography, Bohemian Baby Photography, One Year Old Milestones (Non-Cake Smash) Photography, and One Year Old Milestones (Cake Smash) Photography moments in Singapore. 


We take great pride in our work and strive to capture the beauty of life’s moments, showcasing the love and connection between family members. Whether it’s documenting the arrival of a newborn or capturing a one-year-old’s biggest milestone, ChicChug Creations Photography provides quality services and beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.


Whether you are looking for a one-time session or multiple sessions with us, we can provide you with the exquisite set of photographs to make your memories last.




Wayne & Geral

ChicChug Creations Photography

The co-founders of ChicChug Creations, a husband and wife duo specialising in Newborn and Baby Photography
🌻 Embracing every present moment  .  🎞️ Featured on Singapore MediaCorp

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