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basic newborn guide


Congratulations! If you know that you are expecting a baby or even a twins. It is definitely a precious moments in your lifetime, is it? While you are still carrying your little precious in your womb, you may wanna to start to think about keeping some important moments especially within the 14 days period after your newborn/newborns' birth? Yeah, many newborns will only stay this little, will quickly outgrown and look totally different from initial stage about a week later. Typically, ChicChug's newborn sessions take place when the babies are between five and fourteen days old: still soft, squishy and malleable. Due to a newborn’s development, this window is the best time to capture those amazing images.

Every parent may feel how difficult it is to do it by themselves because no matter how much photography experience some may already might have, the fact is:  babies are cute, but they are in no way easy models for you to pose them like us, the newborn professionals photographers, is it?

This is exactly the reason why you should leave that job to a professional: so you can just relax and enjoy your bundle of joy while the professional photographers do all the work about preserving your most precious memories.

However, the successful photo shoot requires know-how preparation, and guidance. Most importantly, being in safety aspects, cleanliness and patience are the key to a newborn photography session too.  


The first important question is when should the session take part. And also firstly, do kindly ask yourself whether you want the photos of the baby asleep or calm awakening mood.

Generally, the newborn sessions should be done early within their first 14 days. Around 8 days old, most babies tend to start stretching out so it can be more difficult to get them into those cute, sleeping or let alone, those calm awakening poses. And if you come across a photo of a newborn perfectly posed, as if calmly opened eyes, looking directly at the camera or just may just give off smiles. Reality that you are actually looking at something truly rare. Many knew that it is impossible to pose an awake newborn as they have little control over their movements and they just can’t stay still in a pose..Over ChicChug's years in this field, there are many different encounters especially on today's generation alpha babies, some preferred to stay nosey awake and calm or nosey awake and not calm but some may get fussy and even touchy easily before or during the pose styling. Where some just stayed calm and slept through out the sessions. At times, it still depend on the babies' inherent behaviours and cues on the day of the photography sessions. So being newborn photographers, 2 main criteria of this job are patience and the know-how to handle the babies with care.

At ChicChug Creations Photography, we specialise in newborn and family photography. Our goal is to capture beautiful, timeless moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. We believe in creating beautiful, natural, and organic imagery that reflects each unique family. Our approach is relaxed and fun, while also being professional and organised in our work flow. We understand that our customers are trusting us to capture the most precious moments of their lives and strive to provide them with the best experience possible.

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The co-founders of Chicchug Creations, a husband and wife duo specializing in Newborn, One Year Old Milestones, and Cake Smash Photography Moments, were invited to be featured on Singapore's MediaCorp TV.

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