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basic newborn guide


Congratulations on the exciting news of expecting a baby, or perhaps even twins! This moment is undeniably precious in your lifetime, isn't it? As you carry your little one or ones in your womb, it's an opportune time to consider preserving those important moments, especially within the first 14 days after the birth of your newborn or newborns. Babies grow rapidly, and within a week, they often outgrow their initial appearance, looking entirely different. 

Although some parents may have photography experience, posing babies, no matter how cute they are, can be challenging without the expertise of professional newborn photographers. Entrusting this task to professionals ensures the preservation of your most precious memories in artfully manner.

To ensure a successful newborn photoshoot, careful preparation is crucial. Following the newborn guide provided by professional photographers and fostering mutual trust and understanding between clients and photographers is key.


(counting newborn 1st birth day as 0 day).

ChicChug's Newborn photoshoot sessions are exclusively designed for infants aged between 5 to 14 days old whereas ChicChug’s Newborn Twins photoshoot period will only work within 5 days to 18 days or falls within 3 kg below on each baby and home services given complimentary within the period only.This limited timeframe is crucial because newborns undergo rapid changes and quickly transition from their initial state within a week. Typically, ChicChug’s sessions are scheduled when the babies are still soft, squishy, and easily molded. This specific window is considered optimal for capturing those precious moments due to the unique characteristics of newborns during this developmental stage. A successful newborn photoshoot necessitates careful preparation, guided by the provided newborn guide, and establishes mutual trust and understanding between clients and photographers. Determining the timing of the session is the first crucial decision, with sessions ideally taking place within the first 14 days of the baby's life. Around the 5-day mark, babies of the generation alpha may start to stretch out, making it more challenging to achieve those adorable, peaceful sleeping poses. Throughout ChicChug’s decade-long experience, we have encountered a variety of behaviors in generation alpha babies. Some may prefer staying awake but calm, while others may exhibit fussiness or touchiness, influencing the dynamics of the session. Achieving posed compositions with awake newborns is particularly challenging due to their limited control over movements and difficulty maintaining stillness within minutes. Success also largely depends on the baby's natural behaviors and cues during the session.

Safety is ChicChug’s top priority, and as newborn photographers, we emphasize patience in handling babies with care. We strive to avoid unnecessary prolongation, adhering to the designated timeframe outlined in ChicChug’s documentation.

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