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The little story about ChicChug Folks

Some people were pretty curious about ChicChug Folks so this is a little story about them.


ChicChug folks had been working in corporate engineering industrial for many years; 15 to 20 odd years in R&D engineering environment before they decided to go full time on their own in this photography business. And of cos they loved photography, capturing locals' lifestyle, candid moments at different destinations such as India, Nepal, Egypt, Mauritius, Cambodia, Vietnam so on during their corporate journeys...... By the way, ChicChug Creations was brainstormed and named while they were waiting for their night train up to Sa Pa (Vietnam).


Since 2014, they left their comfort zone till date to embark onto this uncertain journey and handling more than 1000 babies. It is difficult but rewarding by heartwarming reviews. It is more than just the skills require for these jobs. It takes plenty of patience in handling people (included the intelligent newborns), physical, mental and most of all discipline for being self employed. They constantly bring in their creativity, learnings and experiences accumulated along but contrary every session is also new to pick up learnings. And the cycles goes on...


About well-being, their health and love ones matters most..

Two decades ago, Uncle Wayne selflessly donated one of his kidneys to a loved one. Despite being a genetic high blood pressure patient, he diligently engages in bi-weekly exercise to maintain his weight and overall health if possible. He also adheres to a regimen of annual check-ups and continuous medication to ensure his well-being.

In 2021, Aunt Geral underwent a heart procedure, but unfortunately, it did not yield the desired results due to her complex congenital heart condition involving an abnormal electrical pathway that became more challenging as she aged. Consequently, she also necessitates annual check-ups and medication.

Practicing meditation is also part of their life-style activities to embrace in every present moment. 

ChicChug Duo now dedicated their efforts solely to capturing precious moments with newborns and babies,  limiting to a single session per day and their schedules are shaped by fate that come their way, allowing them to maintain a strong emphasis on quality and meticulous attention to every photograph they create. 


At ChicChug Creations Photography, as Creative duo photographers understand the importance of each moment and work with their customers to capture the beauty and emotion of each shot. Their customers have come to know them for their sincere best in documenting their precious moments and for their great consideration of colour scheme on the stylings. They believe that by combining their own creativity style with their customers’ selection, they can create a high visual presentation that they visualise the scene and subject in the most beautiful way.



Wayne and Geral

ChicChug Creations Photography

ChicChug Creations Photography

The co-founders of ChicChug Creations, a husband and wife duo specialising in Newborn and Baby Photography
🌻 Embracing every present moment  .  🎞️ Featured on Singapore MediaCorp

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