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At ChicChug Creations Photography, we specialise in newborn and baby photography to capture all of the special moments of your little one’s first days and years. Our goal is to provide you with timeless photos that you will cherish for a lifetime. Our team of 2 has the experience, expertise, and patience to ensure that each session is unique and professional. We do understand how important it is to make our services accessible to people from all walks of life. For minority may feel that our newborn and baby sessions are seem like "expensive", "heart-pinching" otherwise majority had found the rates in ChicChug's services absolutely reasonable till date. Oh yes, there are definitely many kinds of photography deals that we offer to suit every pocket.


Literally, ChicChug charged based on over a decade of experiences, our knowledges, our safety aspects, our stying of creations, our time and efforts we put into each session before, during and after services. We always make sure that the quality and cleanliness of props, toys, attires, swaddles, fabric and even fluffy blankets being in used for the maternity mummies, newborns and babies on each sessions. Not forgetting that every individuals - indoor sessions setups such as milestones, cake smash moments, are done one day prior to photoshoot commerce. ChicChug's home based studio workspace included the bathroom will be sanitised clean on each individual sessions.

We are not the typical shoot and go photographer. Our goal is to build and create a good bonding moment with our customers during each session. We strive to create unique and creative photos that reflect our customers’ personalities. We believe in the power of photography to tell a story and provide our customers with an unforgettable experience. Our team of 2 is passionate, creative, and dedicated to providing our customers with the best service possible. 


We understand that newborn photography can be generally expensive within the photographers' requirements, coverages and expenses incurred, which is why we offer competitive rates to make sure that our services are accessible to everyone. So knowingly by many, ChicChug's rates on the session and services fees are still running very lean and reasonable to fit majority needs. For our newborn session, ChicChug Creations Photography are still absorbing home services charges. Probably you are aware that at Singapore newborns photography's market rates with additional request of home services charges at $150 to $250. Generally, our services are tailored to each of our customers’ individual needs with an emphasis on creating a relaxed, stress-free environment. 

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera so that you can be your most authentic self. No-obligation offers as such if you have different expectations, you may feel free to check out other photographers too. We understand just how important these moments are, and with our years of experience and dedication to our customers, we can guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with the outcome of your photos. So if you’re looking for a truly special experience, look no further than ChicChug Creations Photography.


Your sincerely,

Wayne & Geral

ChicChug Creations Photography

The co-founders of ChicChug Creations, a husband and wife duo specialising in Newborn and Baby Photography
🌻 Embracing every present moment  .  🎞️ Featured on Singapore MediaCorp

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