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The potato styling

Simply in his little potato mood

On side notes: this little bub (7 days new) preferred to stay curiously awake, calm for awhile during this styling though. Not all babies can stay this awakening calm though! Some may give off unglamorous emotions.

Over ChicChug's years in this field, there are many different encounters especially on today's generation alpha babies, some preferred to stay nosey awake and calm or nosey awake and not calm but some may get fussy and even touchy easily before or during the pose styling. Where some just stayed calm and slept through out the sessions. At times, it still depend on the babies' inherent behaviours and also situations on the day of the photography sessions. And if you come across a photo of a newborn perfectly posed, as if calmly opened eyes, looking directly at the camera or just may just give off smiles. Reality that you are actually looking at something truly rare.

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Was featured on Singapore MediaCorp TV (Channel U and MeWatch) on Jan 2021.

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