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Behind the scenes on a newborn session at customer's place (part 1)

These series of BTS were video by Mummy Lifang; instagram fang0913

This cutie bub, 12 days new, is pretty touchy, intelligently smart and wanna stay nosy at his young age; Mummy has to intro pacifier even during his normal days to soothe him in state of calmness.

Anyhow we always hope to capture all the perfect peaceful babies’ shots; but of course in reality, we are handling babies with all kind of temperamental moods; some can be very touchy and fussy. Especially that we are gently handling them in transition of 5 to 6 poses styling, and we prefer them to be at their sleepiest stage while we pose them in safety aspects.

Additionally the newborns are getting more and more intelligent year by year. They are more aware of the surroundings, more impatience waiting for milk. We had been encountering most babies like to be talked to... Whether believe it or not they understand but they stay calmer when at times, we need to negotiate and acknowledge their grumbling...

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A husband and wife team that founded Chicchug Creations whom specialise in newborn photography, maternity photography, cake smash photography and baby/family photography. Chicchug Creations Photography is located in Gangsa Road (Bukit Panjang Estate), 670155 Singapore.
Was featured on Singapore MediaCorp TV (Channel U and MeWatch) on Jan 2021.

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